“Precisely because God gives a resounding 'yes' to man, man cannot fail to open himself to the divine vocation to pursue his own development. The truth of development consists in its completeness: if it does not involve the whole man and every man, it is not true development.”
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Caritas in Veritate, 18
ADMINISTRATION: Stewards of His Love

Finance Council

Canon law asks that every local Church have a council that advises the pastor on financial matters. The St. John the Evangelist Finance Council meets four times a year to discuss financial reports prepared by the bookkeeper and to make recommendations to the pastor. 

Finance Council members:
Fr. Joseph Calis, Pastor
Richard Maurano
Jackie Murray
Anne Versteeg
Bill McDermott

To contact the parish bookkeeper, email finance@sjeparish.org


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Prayer of filial confidence

"Lord, it's your Church. You take care of it. I'm going to bed."

-Saint John XXIII (1881-1963)

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