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The Sister Kathleen M. Lannak Endownment Fund

Preserve Catholic Education For the Future

The Sister Kathleen Lannak, IHM School Endowment Fund is a parish effort to provide a substantial financial base for the benefit of St. John the Evangelist School. The Fund will provide for the operational and the educational needs of the school. The fund reached the $1 million dollar goal in May 2008! 

On March 2, 1999, the Archdiocese of Washington approved the St. John the Evangelist Endowment Fund -- Policy #2006.  Its purpose is to receive tax-deductible contributions (including pledges, grants, matching gifts, wills/trusts, memorials for loved ones, and brick project funds) and to allow the interest to be used for the operational and the educational needs of the school.  The fund was renamed to the Sister Kathleen M. Lannak Endowment Fund at SJE School's 50th Anniversary celebration.  The Endowment Fund Brochure (page 1, page 2) provides additional information about the history of the fund and current gift-giving opportunities.  

On May 17, 2008, the Endowment Fund celebrated its first $1 million goal!  The new goal is to achieve a $1.8M milestone, projected for 2018.  We need your continued support to accomplish this goal.  

The Endowment Board manages the Endowment's assets and raises additional funds.  The Board manages gift and scholarship requests, such as the Ann Watson Nalls scholarship (est. 2000), the Anna M. Colella scholarship (est. 2013), and the Hope H. Smith scholarship (est. 2014).  

Giving to the Endowment Fund

By contributing to the Endowment Fund, you are preserving Catholic education for the future. Individuals, businesses and organizations may give gifts via pledges, memorial donations, check, credit card, direct deposit or cash. You may address endowment mailings to:

Endowment Office
St. John the Evangelist School
10201 Woodland Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20902

To donate or if you have questions, please contact:
Sister Daniel Mary Heisey, I.H.M.
Endowment Fundraiser
(301) 592-1438

Endowment Fund Board Members

2016-2017 Academic Year

Chair:Patrick Williams
Treasurer:Tim Comello
Secretary:Rick Maurano
Counsel:Brian Knestout
Fundraiser:Sr. Daniel Mary Heisey, I.H.M.
Investment Advisors:FBB Capital Planners
Pastor:Fr. Joseph Calis
Principal:Margaret Durney

Past Officers: Anne Hummer, Richard Maurano, Jennifer Stockett-Zeng, Tom Andrews, William Tom King, John Tibbs, Robert Bock, Alan Dieringer, Sandra Kingsley, Dana Giampetroni, Elizabeth Cavaliere, Marilyn Whitney


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Oración de un evangelista

Señor Jesús, que quiere que nos convirtamos en una fuerza viva para toda la humanidad, las luces brillando en el mundo. Quiere que seamos luces radiantes como estamos a tu lado, la gran luz, bañado en tu gloria, oh Luz del Cielo. Vamos a disfrutar más y más la luz pura y deslumbrante de la Santísima Trinidad, como ahora que hemos recibido, aunque no en su plenitud, un rayo de su esplendor, que procede del único y verdadero Dios, en Cristo Jesús, nuestro Señor, a quien sea la gloria y el poder por los siglos de los siglos. Amén.

-St. Gregorio Naciancino (330-390)


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