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What is the Home and School Association?

The St. John the Evangelist Home and School Association (HSA) promotes communication between parents and school administraton and among parents.  It spearheads fundraising efforts throughout the school year.  HSA plans and organizes programs and activities that raise funds and build community spirit.  It distributes notices to families regarding upcoming fundraising opportunities and needs for volunteers.  The HSA Welcome letter for the current year further describes HSA and provides contact information for HSA officers.   

What do I do at Lunch Duty?  

You must have completed VIRTUS Child Protection training in order to serve lunch duty.  

You must sign in, both in the Visitor Log and the Lunch Duty Log Book at the front desk.
Fill out and wear a name tag sticker.  
Proceed to the classroom and check in with the teacher about specific rules about bathroom use or other classroom rules.  
Children usually remain in their assigned seats and eat lunch at their desks.  They may talk quietly unless you are told otherwise.  
Help children (particularly in the younger grades) to open containers, collect or direct the disposal of any trash, direct assigned students to bring unopened milk cartons back to the kitchen, and direct the students to line up to go outside for recess, and follow them outside to supervise their play.
Lunch duty parents have to strike the right balance between providing proper supervision and allowing children to play freely.  In general, only intervene if children are doing something dangerous or unkind.  However, if you see a child who is being excluded from play (or who is separating him or herself consistently), please investigate to ensure that everything is okay. If you have any questions, the Recess Supervisor, Mrs. Asha Andreas, can assist you.
When you return to the classroom, report any problems or compliments to the classroom teacher.  

Please note that, if school is cancelled, you are still able to receive credit serving that lunch duty, but only if you remember to record it in the Lunch Duty Log Book. Remember to sign in ONLY ON YOUR OWN PAGE. If you are substituting for another parent, write in the date and class on the next blank line and indicate for whom you are substituting.  


Time spent by teachers to ensure that their students are complying with school uniform requirements is time that is not spent providing quality instruction.  Students should be focused on the purpose for their coming to school rather than on setting their own agenda for style. The reasonable uniform requirements of St. John the Evangelist School set a Christian standard that has been a hallmark of Catholic schools and must be followed by all students.  

Girls, Grades K-5

Fall/Winter (November through March:  Plaid jumper or uniform khaki pants with belt, white polo shirt with school logo, hunter green cardigan sweater with logo, green or white knee socks, crew socks, or tights, black or brown shoes.  Low cut sneaker socks are not allowed.  Shirts are to be tucked in at all times.  Jumpers are to be of appropriate length.  

Summer (September, October, April, May, June:  Same as Fall/Winter uniform, substituting uniform shorts with belt for pants.

Gym Uniform:  Mesh shorts with white uniform polo shirt, white crew socks, and sneakers.

Girls, Grades 6-8

Fall/Winter (November through March:  Plaid kilt or uniform khaki pants with belt, white polo shirt with logo, tucked in at all times, hunter green V-neck pullover sweater with logo, green or white knee socks, tights, or crew socks, black or brown shoes.  Low cut sneaker socks are not allowed.  Long sleeve shirts are not to be worn under the polo shirt.  Kilts are to be of an appropriate length.  

Summer (September, October, April, May, June):  Same as Fall/Winter uniform, with the additional option of khaki uniform shorts with belt.  

Gym Uniform:  Mesh shorts with white uniform polo, white crew socks, and sneakers.

Additional notes: The only jewelry allowed for students is a small cross and chain, a wrist watch, one ring, and, for girls, a pair of small earrings.  Nail polish is discouraged and may never be applied at school.  Cosmetics and nail polish may not be brought to school.  Dyed or streaked hair is distracting from the real purpose for coming to school and is, therefore, not allowed.  Making any fashion statement should be left to the summer months or any other extended vacation times, not when school is in session.

Boys, Grades K-8 

Fall/Winter (November through March:  Forest green polo shirt, tucked in at all times, khaki uniform pants with belt, khaki, green, or black crew socks, black or brown dress shoes. Low cut sneaker socks are not allowed.  The St. John's green sweatshirt with logo may also be worn.  Plain, white, short-sleeved undershirts may be worn under the polo shirt, but sleeves cannot be longer than the polo shirt sleeve.

Summer (September, October, April, May, June):  Same as Fall/Winter uniform, with the additional option of khaki uniform shorts with belt.  

Gym Uniform:  Mesh shorts with green uniform polo shirt, khaki, green, or black crew socks, and sneakers.  

Additional Notes:  No dyed or streaked hair is permitted.  Boys' hair must be neatly trimmed off the forehead, cut around the ears, and cut above the bottom of the ear lobes in the back.

Tag Days/NUT cards

Tag Days are announced in advance and usually coincide with a holiday such as Halloween or St. Patrick's Day.  Students who have acquired a NUT card (No Uniform Today may come to school out of uniform.  NUT cards are purchased prior to the Tag Day (due dates and prices are listed in the School Calendar).  Tag Day attire should be clean and modest and not distracting or inappropriate.  

Noncompliance with Uniform Policy

A written excuse from the parent is required if the child is out of uniform for any reason.  If a student comes to school out of uniform and without a written excuse, the homeroom teacher will send the student to the School Office with a Uniform Policy form.  Students in Grades 4-8 will be sent to the school office with a Uniform Policy form and their parents will be notified.  After two infractions, the student will receive three demerits.  A third infraction will result in detention.

Where to Buy Uniforms:

Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms
Loehmann's Plaza
5210 Randolph Road
Rockville, MD  20852

The SJE Used Uniform Boutique is located in a room off the school auditorium.  The boutique is usually open during the Welcome Potlucks and Back to School night at the beginning of the school year and by appointment.  The availability of uniform items is completely dependent on donations.  The cost is $5.00 per item.  Contact Gina Natoli Skinner at or 301-920-1710 for more information.  

Parent-to-Parent Tips on Uniforms:  

Long pants must accomodate wearing gym shorts under the pants on gym days, plus undergarments and a tucked in polo shirt, so buy big at the waist.  
Do not bleach the girls' polo shirt.  Instead use a bleach pen for stains or OxiClean for all-over brightening.  
Jumpers, kilts, pants, shorts, gym shorts, and sweaters will not shrink, but the polo shirts will shrink.
Girls tend to like wearing gym shorts under their uniforms to make being active on the playground more comfortable.
Many girls in the upper grades wear pajama pants or sweat pants under their kilts on cold mornings.  This is fine as long as they understand they must remove the pants before school starts.
Jumpers and kilts can have the hems let down.  Kilt buttons can be moved.  

Absences and Tardiness


Please inform the school office at 301-681-7656 between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. if your child will be absent from school.  Your child must bring a written excuse stating the cause of his or her absence.  According to Archdiocese of Washington policy, the following are valid excused absences from school with a written excuse.  

Illness of student (after 3 days of illness, the student must provide a note from a doctor that indicates the child is able to return to school)
Death in the student's immediate family
Necessity for the student to attend a judicial proceeding
Lawful suspension or exclusion from school by the school administration
Temporary closing of facilities or suspension of classes
Other absences approved in advance by the principal upon the written request of a parent or guardian.  Sufficient notice shold be given to the school in order to provide expected student work to be completed while absent.   Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in an unexcused absence.  


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are on time for school.  Excessive, unexcused tardiness (more than ten times per year) will be questioned by the school and also by a high school to which the student is applying.  Being late can become a habit that, in most cases, is caused by a lack of organization and can have negative impact on school progress.  If a student is late more than ten times during the school year, he or she will forfeit recess on the date he or she is late.  

Inclement Weather Drop Off Policy

When it is raining or snowing, please drive all the way down to the end of the school building for drop-off.  Your child may enter any opened outside classroom or hall door.  Do not park or drop off directly in front of the school unless it is the only area open, as this is a major cause of backups onto August Drive and Georgia Avenue.  Never make a U-Turm on Woodland Drive on inclement weather days or any other day, but drive down and through the convent parking lot as normal.  

Child Protection Policy

For the protection of all of our children, SJE policy follows the Archdiocese of Washington Child Protection Program, VIRTUS. Parents and guardians must be cleared through VIRTUS in order to fulfill their Lunch & Recess Duty requirement, serve as chaperones on field trips, attend class parties and functions at school, and volunteer for extracurricular activities such as Scouting and CYO. Click here for more information on VIRTUS Training.


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