“Lord, don’t leave us alone. Help us to help one another; to forget our egoism a bit and to feel in our heart the 'we,' we a people that wants to go forward. Lord Jesus, you were not lacking work, give us work and teach us to struggle for work and bless us all!”
Pope Francis
23 September 2013
SERVICE: Taking Care of His Suffering Body

Job Support

The spiritual health of a local community is reflected in the vitality of its economy. With and through Christ, St. John’s parishioners can bring the Father’s providence and justice to the local markets by attentively assisting others with opportunity, solidarity and friendship, especially during the event of job loss.

For assistance with community employment resources, contact the parish Samaritan Line (301-593-1888).



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Saturday, Febuary 7th

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Prayer for dignified work

Bless, O Lord of the centuries and the millennia, the daily work by which men and women provide bread for themselves and their loved ones. We also offer to your Fatherly hands the toil and sacrifices associated with work, in union with your Son Jesus Christ, who redeemed human work from the yoke of sin and restored it to its original dignity. Amen.

-Blessed John Paul II (1920-2005)

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